Little Ealing Primary School
Engage, enrich, excel.

KindnessBeing happy, compassionate and supportive

RespectBeing courteous, understanding and tolerant

ResponsibilityFor oneself, for each other and for the community

HonestyBeing truthful, fair and humble

GratitudeBeing grateful, gracious and mindful

Our Ethos and Aims

The staff and Governors at Little Ealing Primary School aim to provide a supportive and challenging learning environment that will offer all children opportunities to develop. We strive to ensure that all children feel comfortable and secure regardless of their race, gender, religion or ability. 


In order to achieve this we:


  • Ensure that children develop numeracy and literacy skills in order to prepare them for, and later to engage with, the broad and balanced demands of the school’s delivery of the National Curriculum.‚Äč
  • Promote high standards of achievement.
  • Extend children in their areas of strength; identify, and develop skills in, any area of weakness.
  • Encourage children to respect themselves and others and value the positive contribution they make to school life, supported by a systematic framework of rewards and sanctions.
  • Promote high standards of personal development so that children can take responsibility for their studies, becoming capable of achieving not only as individuals but also in collaboration with their peers.
  • Use our professional skill to monitor and review children’s progress and achievement and report regularly on it to parents.
  • Positively welcome the involvement of parents, working in a genuine partnership to enhance all aspects of school life.

Values at Little Ealing Primary School