Little Ealing Primary School
Engage, enrich, excel.

KindnessBeing happy, compassionate and supportive

RespectBeing courteous, understanding and tolerant

ResponsibilityFor oneself, for each other and for the community

HonestyBeing truthful, fair and humble

GratitudeBeing grateful, gracious and mindful

Year Group Brochures

Trips and Workshops:

All contributions we request for school trips and workshops are voluntary. Every child will be allowed to take part regardless of whether the contribution has been made. No reminders will be sent for payments and all information regarding payments will remain confidential.


We like to enhance the curriculum by providing the children with these exciting experiences, but we are unable to fund them wholly from the school’s budget allocation and we rely on these voluntary contributions, without which we would not be able to offer the children such opportunities.


Whole School: Seasonal Pantomime for KS2 and Magic Show for Nursery, Reception and KS1, Science Week Workshops and our Literary Week.


Nursery: Summer trip to London Wetlands Centre, local walks and bus / tube trips.


Reception: Summer trip to Odds Farm Park, Natural History Museum and Local Walks.


Year 1: Workshop in school on the Body and Push and Pull (Forces), plus a trip to Windsor Castle and Kew Gardens.


Year 2: Visits to a Gurdwara, a Church, London Zoo and London Wetlands Centre. Workshops also held in school on materials, electricity and the Great Fire of London. The Children will also go on Local Walks.


Year 3: Visits The Natural History Museum, The Museum of Water and Steam and the Celtic Camp. Workshops in school on the Romans and Animal Encounters.


Year 4: Trip to  Kew Gardens and workshops in school on the Egyptians, Saxon Settlers and Ancient Greece. 


Year 5: Visits to Chiswick Pier and Kew Gardens. Workshops in school on the Aztecs and the night sky. In Year 5 pupils spend a week away at the JCA Condover Hall in Shropshire.


Year 6: Visits  Sky TV, RAF Hendon Museum, Natural History Museum, Junior Citizens and the West Ealing Synagogue. In Year 6 pupils spend a week away Cumulus Coastal Residential Camp in Dorset.