Little Ealing Primary School
Engage, enrich, excel.

KindnessBeing happy, compassionate and supportive

RespectBeing courteous, understanding and tolerant

ResponsibilityFor oneself, for each other and for the community

HonestyBeing truthful, fair and humble

GratitudeBeing grateful, gracious and mindful

Modern Foreign Languages at Little Ealing

Languages create adventures!


At Little Ealing, we want children to become curious about languages, and be inspired to go on learning and gaining confidence throughout life. It's not only about speaking and understanding; the joy is also in making connections between the language they're learning and the language they already know. There are lots of useful words and phrases for the children to learn, even at this early stage, but most of all, they'll develop a positive attitude that says, 'Yes, I can do it!'


From Year 1 to Year 6, all children have a weekly specialist French lesson in the French classroom. Reception have a French lesson once every third week in their own classroom.


In addition, Mme Woolley runs French Ambassadors, a weekly French club for children who want to practise speaking in French, sing songs, write, and hopefully have fun. 


International Day brings our diverse, multicultural and multi-lingual school community together and is celebrated in the second half of the summer term.


For details on the French curriculum and relevant resources, please visit the French at Little Ealing Website using the link below: