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Nursery Admissions - questions answered

Frequently asked questions - Admission to Nursery.


How do I apply for a Nursery place?

To apply for a place at Little Ealing Nursery, you need to make an application directly to the school office.

Application forms can be requested by contacting the school office on 020 8567 2135 or via email:


What are the criteria used for Nursery Admissions?

The Admission criteria for nursery schools are the same as that for community

primary schools.


Admission to a nursery class does not guarantee a place in a Reception Class.

Places are offered on the following criteria:


1. Children who are looked after or were previously looked after children


2. Children who appear to have been in state care outside of England


3. Siblings. Children with a brother or sister who will be attending the main

school (not the nursery class) at the time of admission. 


4. Distance from home to school Places are allocated to applicants who live

closest to the school measured by straight-line. 


When is the deadline for Nursery Applications?

The deadlines for nursery applications to be received by the school is January 15th.


How many children attend nursery?

We have the capacity for 52 children in the nursery.  

We have four members of staff, two teachers and at least two fully qualified early years practitioners.  The ratio of adults to children is at least 1:13

The nursery is organised into 2 ‘classes’ Ladybirds and Caterpillars with 26 children in each class. 


What will my child learn at nursery

Staff plan using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as set out by the Department for Education.  Learning is sequenced and carefully planned out.  We have curriculum maps, progression frameworks and unit overviews.  All curriculum information can be found on our school website


What time will my child start and finish nursery?

We operate a soft start for the beginning of the day between 8:50-9:00.  

Children can arrive at any time during this time slot.

The morning session then ends at 12:00.

The full-day session ends at 3:00


Do you offer 30-hour provision?

We offer a 30-hour provision for all nursery children. 

Either through the 30 hours entitlement or the 15 hours entitlement supplemented by paid sessions.


What should my child wear? 

We don’t have a school uniform at Little Ealing. We would encourage your child to wear comfortable clothing that they can manage themselves.

We also suggest that you provide some spare clothing in case of any ‘little accidents


Can I choose either a morning or afternoon session?


All pupils will be allocated a morning session.  Those children entitled to 30-hour provision or those whose parents are paying for additional session will stay for the afternoon.


Will there be a taster day?

We would usually invite children in for a transition session once they have been allocated a place at Little Ealing.  


Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept and welcome all vouchers in payment for additional sessions.


Does my child need to be toilet trained before they start Nursery?  

We want your child to benefit fully from all the opportunities offered in the nursery. Please encourage independence when using the toilet, washing hands, dressing and undressing. If your child has a specific reason for not being toilet trained, please let the school know so we can support you with this.


Who can I talk to at Little Ealing Primary School about my child’s difficulties with learning, special educational needs and/or disability?  

Please ring or email the school to discuss any concerns or make an appointment with the school SENCO.